A Special Offer For Businesses Doing $5 Million(+)

Turn A $50,000 One-Time Investment Into $20 Million Profitable Growth?

Dear Entrepreneur:

If your business were a mutual fund—would YOU buy it?

Seriously, since a business your size is comprised of multiple revenue-impacting “leverage points,” elements, activities and areas -- have you ever actually -- carefully analyzed, evaluated, examined, measured and compared the “true performance” metrics of each revenue process that “drives” your financial results?

More specifically, if one area of your revenue, marketing, selling or reselling “system” was ONLY delivering 2% of it’s performance capability from the time/effort/investment/opportunity cost—while another was delivering 35% capacity and still another was delivering 120% -- and yet one other was actually producing “negative performance” —meaning it was yielding NO benefit and losing prospective sales along the way for you -- would you continue putting the same amount of time effort investment in each one equally?

And we’re really talking about return on investment here. Return on assets. Also, we’re talking return on opportunity cost, also return on market access, also return on capital and human capital. Plus, we’re not even factoring in lost or diminished up-sales, resells and or referrals you’re losing out on. Incalculable lost lifetime value…etc.

No entrepreneur or CEO, who is competitive-minded, who is fanatically profit-focused, value-oriented, and high performance-based -- would knowingly allow your business to grossly underperform it’s potential. Nor would you let assets go untapped, activities underachieve their capability, opportunities be underutilized, Resources be under-mined. You wouldn’t knowingly allow your people to under achieve their performance potential or let your overall opportunity cost deliver a fraction of it’s capability -- would you?

But few entrepreneurs running companies $5-100mill actually know how to even evaluate their revenue process performance levels. Fewer still know the higher-performing alternative or replacement strategies, approaches, and marketing/selling/advertising/promotional options they have available.

Stated more bluntly, you can’t possibly know how much more superior performance is actually possible out of nearly every impact factor that makes up your current revenue-generating system. Otherwise you wouldn’t possibly accept the low performance yield many of your processes are probably delivering right now!

Think of it like THIS: if the same effort, the same, relative type of activity, the same financial investment the same people and resources could (and should) be generating 50-100-150% greater performance—with absolutely NO greater time, effort, investment, risk or people—wouldn’t YOU want to be doing THAT instead?

Like my three ways to grow a business model—and the 30 different ways we’ve devised to multiply results. Or, my nine drivers of exponential profit—where each of the nine categories has the capacity of “upping” your profit picture 15-100% -- realistically. Or my nine sticking points that explain why you self-limit/restrict and constrain your business from maximizing overall competitive and sales/profit performance.

Or the reality-based strategic thinking behind my 12 pillars. Or my three “advanced” ways to grow a business. I could go on for a full page. The point is that -- you have an enormous spectrum of readily available, practical, result-proven replacement methods to multiply, enhance, magnify revenue and profit performance very, very quickly -- and sustain all the increases you create.

Left to your own devises you may never do it—particularly if you haven’t figured much or any of it out yet. No offense. But facts ARE facts...

If you are accepting a fraction of a fraction of the results and sales/profit performance your selling approaches SHOULD be delivering -- and I possess the ability to change all that easily, safely, rapidly—we probably should figure out some equitable way to start collaborating together—for the betterment of YOUR business! The sooner the better—for your bottom line!

Fortuitously, I offer an exceptionally attractive way that exact result can happen—with minimal investment/minimal risk on your part—and maximum investment/maximum risk on MY part in you!

Over the last year, I have gingerly experimented with a bold and daring long-term collaborative advisory model that most qualified companies love.

They love it because -- Instead of THEM having to pay ME tens of thousands a month for my help -- They make a relatively modest (relative to the potential) one-time, “good faith deposit” of just 5 percent of my total fee.

Then, I speculate MY time, MY ability, MY opportunity cost, MY relationships, MY expertise on YOU and YOUR business. Totally on spec.  I only earn the remaining 95% -- IF I PERFORM FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

This means that I am 95 percent “at risk” on you, not the other way around.

But it gets better --

IF your business is appropriate, your underperforming opportunities, underutilized activities, untapped assets are significant enough to get me involved… I’m willing to work with you (your business/your team) every month for up to four years totally on spec with the express goal of adding $20 million more “high-profit” growth to your revenue side... as quickly, as safely and as cost-effectively as humanly possible!

Plus -- I am far more motivated than even you are on THIS proposition -- to deliver monumental, meaningful, and continuous impressive financial results in the absolute most desirable way, or ways possible.

Why? Because I want to earn a million dollar fee from you -- when, as and after, I've delivered the full $20 million of profitable growth to your business.

More appealing still -- including your one-time good faith payment, I’ll only be paid a modest 5 percent share of the profitable growth we can clearly and happily both -- tie and document directly back to either:

  • Better performing sales, marketing, advertising strategies I develop for you.
  • New markets, distribution channels, buyer/client sources I create for you. 
  • New products or services I devise or acquire for you to use as either/or front ends or back ends for existing product or service. 
  • New ways I devise to take your products/services to other markets
  • JV’s, partnerships, strategic alliances I negotiate for you
  • Any competitive or complementary business that I am able to help you acquire for no capital outlay, no risk, no fix payment obligation
  • Better uses of your people your marketing your message/positioning/brand
  • Better impact of your market
  • Better repurchases, additional purchases
  • Better media exposure
  • Better use of other people/companies’ resources

Basically the model is designed to pay you an ROI of 20:1. When I get a thousand dollar payment from you, you've added $20000 more of profitable growth. So for me to get my million dollar total mentoring fee—paid almost entirely on performance, you've received 20 times that—or TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS OF PROFITABLE GROWTH!

So far, I’ve experimented with 10 companies doing this. My denominators for choosing them were the criteria you see above, as well as their evident direct ability, collaborative capability, prejudice towards action, open-mindedness towards non-linear preeminent/breakthrough thinking, willingness to conservatively/continuously test “big-payoff” new ideas that are capable of propelling the kind of profitable growth we are both after.

Also of note -- my full, million dollar mentoring fee (again, only 5 percent of your profits payable to me) -- is solely a small percentage of the tangible results that my strategies deliver... NO RESULTS; NO MORE FEES FOR ME! So we’re in this together, tied at the hip, so-to-speak!

There are, of course, no guarantees in life. The re are less in business. However, if I take your business on for this bold/daring “performance-focused” mentorship process -- It means I think there’s an exceptional potential for us both to win big on a long term collaboration.

Are there any “catches” to this proposition? Not catches; But there are three stipulations --

  • 1

    The deposit against future profit payments is $50,000 dollars. IF your enterprise cannot comfortably afford that amount --without a financial hardship, do not reply! 

  • 2

    It’s based on me doing what I do best -- strategy and engineering/architecting BIG marketing breakthroughs. It’s designed for entrepreneurs of action-only. So I’m only spending 90 minutes a month guiding you and your side, while your team does the heavy lifting and execution -- under my direction. 

  • 3

    Frankly -- because it’s totally experimental, and because I am the one risking 95 percent on you instead of the opposite, we both have easy outs if the relationship doesn't pay off. 

To whit:

Any three-month period you don’t execute, implement, collaborate meaningfully, follow through on your commitment to action or report or pay me percentages earned -- I can withdraw.

Any six-month period you don’t like the relationship for any reason, including you think I’m earning too much… or you merely don’t like my style, YOU can withdraw. If you do, I take back my IP and get to use it for any other company in the sector I want. So it’s totally self-regulating.

Interested? Qualified? If yes and yes contact Rob Colasanti at RobColasanti@abraham.com, give him all of your contact info including the best email, phone number, best time of day to connect, and time zone; and PLEASE don’t make it hard for him to connect or he won’t.
Also -- and respectfully, don’t contact him if your business isn't large enough to qualify and if you can’t afford the entrance fee. One more thing. It’s important.

Rob will spend considerable time interviewing and assessing you and your business situation. IF he’s favorably impressed, I will invest 90 minutes over the phone with you, probingly evaluating whether we’re a great match or not.

There’s a $5,000, non-refundable fee against the full deposit that you’ll be required to pay to talk to me but it’s more than worth it. I treat it like an actual paid consult. I don’t hold anything back.

So, if we talk deeply and I give you killer ideas and strategies that you love; but you don’t want to go forward if I offer you the chance -- you are free to use my ideas from that assessment, commission free.

Also if upon talking, I don’t honestly feel we’re a good to great match, I’ll immediately return your $5,000. Oh, yes -- a large portion of that initial payment will go to my wife’s favorite charity if I offer to work with you.

If you’re turned on, contact Rob at RobColasanti@abraham.com. But again, DO NOT CONTACT HIM if you’re not suitable, compatible, capable, financially stable and totally clear on the details of the proposition.

Jay Abraham

Thank you.

Jay's Signature

PS -- Please note that this offer is meant for my inner circle of valued followers. If I end up working with someone outside of this group, the profit share will be negotiated at a slightly higher rate.