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A 3 day "Brain-Shattering" live business growth intensive



Develop and master Jay's "360° Strategic Business Vision" principles — and the implementation stages and steps needed to maximize and monetize your results — in a collaborative setting with other high level entrepreneurs on June  22, 23, 24, 2017
in Amsterdam

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Find out how to improve your strategy, transform your entire marketing approach, enhance your competitive positioning, and uncover new profitable revenue sources...

Watch this "Executive Summary" of Jay's Process and Powerful Insights From Past Participants

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Jay Abraham's role in the business and entrepreneurial arena is wide reaching. He is worldwide-"acknowledged" as a marketing legend, a strategic grand master, a positioning and preeminence leading-edge thinker and one of the world’s preeminent authorities on innovative, non linear breakthrough business growth. But before we begin...

There are 10 hours of credibility, demonstration, illustration, proof, answers and insights on THIS landing page. We DO NOT expect you to spend anywhere close to 10 hours watching, reading or listening.

We DO however, expect you to recognize that we have created THIS landing page to provide every possible answer you could need, every proof positive element your apprehension or uncertainty requires to be confident when contacting us.

Whatever you need to feel comfortable, trusting and motivated to explore your suitability — is included on this 10 hour landing page.

For those who don’t know who Jay is, we’ve prepared comprehensive explanations and demonstrations of how he became the $9 Billion dollar man below… READ ON…

DISCLAIMER: Investing one full hour, seriously studying, understanding, appreciating the business-building magnitude of THIS proposition could double, redouble, even redouble again your ultimate long-term business performance, profit and wealth. However — if you're looking for a four minute miracle THIS is not the place to find it. There are thousands of hyperbolic websites offering instant gratification. This is nothing remotely like that.

Who Is Jay Abraham?

If you want the quick/short version, watch the video below...

For a more in-depth, high-level, contextual understanding of Jay's methodology and process, as well as fascinating clips of discussions/insights with various contemporaries — watch the longer version below...

The media say he has probably helped more entrepreneurs — in more industries, in more parts of the world.. sell more products and services — to more people more profitably, safely and continuously than (arguably) any other entrepreneurial expert/mentor alive today.

In the process he has guided thousands upon thousands of companies and entrepreneurs around the globe to elevate their sense of what's possible in the game of business. Over $9 billion dollars of profit increases have been credited to his work.

Over the last 30 years he has engineered over 40,000 documented success stories. Many are leading iconic brands, others operate very profitably in unique niches throughout industries in 40 different parts of the world.

The "Breakthroughs In Amsterdam" Process Allows YOU to tap (directly and specifically) into JAY'S geometric business growth mindset...

Now for qualified/appropriate entrepreneurs, you can have direct personal/individualized access to his very expensive and expansive business growth mind. Private clients usually have to invest a hefty six to seven figure fee, PLUS a significant portion of their profits — just to do business with him.

Jay has created a unique "situation-specific" immersive small group dynamic — that allows YOU to tap (directly and specifically) into HIS geometric business growth mindset — to focus expressly and specifically on YOUR unique business challenges/problems — and opportunities— at a fraction of the fee structure Jay customarily requires. Plus you’ll never have to pay any ongoing performance fees or future profit payments AFTER you leave this dynamic 3 day experience.

It's not a mastermind. Not a groupthink. It's an incomparable and unimaginable customized  business breakthrough process...

Nothing — remotely comparable to this is available anywhere (that we know of). Certainly there are a myriad of mastermind groups. Of course, there are organizations that meet frequently to hear experts speak. But being in an intimate, private — unimaginably inspiring/stimulating and creativity-enducing environment with Jay Abraham and an elite collection of no more of than ten other high performance/likeminded entrepreneurs is analogous to sitting on top of MOUNT VESUVIUS right before it explodes. Only the "explosion" is an explosion of opportunity, of understanding, of strategic improvement, of marketing breakthroughs and competitive advantages — that will flow continuously at a red hot level throughout the process.

Why is Jay Doing This?

Jay loves doing things none of his contemporaries can do, would do or would be able to do masterfully. Plus, it is rare that is in Europe, it is even rarer that he is in Amsterdam. He is there doing a high-level full collaboration with Tony Robbins, conducting faced-paced short problem solving pitch and catch clinics with Tony for his highest level $85,000-a-year platinum members. But his proximity made it almost shameful not to offer this to the right group of entrepreneurs.

Not being brash or arrogant. But facts ARE facts and Jay has a history of being able to deliver monumental results on marketing makeovers, strategy restructuring, "business model" remodeling and competitive advantage enhancements on a world wide basis.

However, the majority of Jay's time is split 80/20 — 80% advising/mentoring his private, individual, high-paying private clients, and 20% keynoting important/impressive world conferences. His true love is working one-on-one with deserving, high-performance, growth-oriented entrepreneurs, innovators, value creators, and massive action takers. Transforming entirely their business mindset, getting them to think totally differently, getting them to act and pro-act in a preeminent way — all designed to multiply sales, vastly increase profits and achieve preemptive marketplace position.

In the past, there have been only three ways to access his unique, game-changing mindset and methods (up until now):

  1. Engaging him long-term for six to seven figure retainers — PLUS profit sharing
  2. Attending large group seminars or conferences. But now he only keynotes in North America. You’d have to go to Shanghai or Tokyo or London or Italy to see him for three days.
  3. Purchasing one or many of the programs in his massive body of work library. He's got many thousands of gigs of intellectual property/over a hundred full length speciality programs, and many high level reference manuals that he has created over his lifetime.

Recently, Jay experimented with an entirely new process/format/dynamic of ultra-small group hands-on, total business makeover (with outstanding results). Basically, he allowed only eight entrepreneurs-maximum to come together for a 3 days. And for that entire time, Jay rotated round and round to each individual participant — delving, discovering, deconstructing, reconstructing, examining, shifting, repositioning, reconceptualizing — everything from their marketing and/or business strategy, their selling approach, their value proposition, their competitive advantage, their media approach, their selling system, their untapped opportunities, underperforming activities — and then, providing stage-by-stage, step-by-step strategic instructions (and surprising detailed guidance) on exactly how to execute/apply and implement these monumental shifts.

This is a more exclusive intimate version of something Jay does in Shanghai with about 350 participants. This "Breakthroughs In Amsterdam" process is restricted to a maximum of 20 primary participants in a session (because of intensity and personalization required).

Jay loves "making over/transforming" the totality of a business. (model/strategy/competitive advantage/revenue sources etc.) He loves identifying the highest and best under recognized leverage and impact points. He loves helping entrepreneurs get unstuck. He loves showing business owners how to use the same time, effort, people, marketplace, staff, capital — to double.. re-double.. even re-double again the result that marketing, selling, value added service and competitive positioning can deliver to them.

Jay found that he thoroughly enjoys this fast-paced, intimate  — "deep dive" dynamic so much — that he now wants to personally collaborate with 20 Dutch entrepreneurs at max — deconstructing, reconstructing, and completely reshaping their entire business future in an intimate non-theoretical "dynamic", that's ruthlessly result-focused.

Before we begin, let's see if we're talking to the right person... Is this you?

  • Are you running a Million Dollar + business and feel like you've hit a plateau
  • Have you tried hiring marketing firms or sales experts with minimal results
  • Do you feel like you're drowning in opportunity but can't seem to connect the dots
  • Is your business not selling enough or experiencing erratic business volume?
  • Are you operating tactically and failing to strategize plus costs are eating up all your profits?
  • Are you losing out to the competition because your team is still doing what's not working?
  • Is your product/service being marginalized by the rapidly changing marketplace?
  • Is your sales/marketing strategy incongruent or mediocre at best?
  • Are you stuck still saying, “I Can Do It All Myself”?
  • Are you stuck still doing what’s not working?
  • Are you stuck not knowing how to grow in a crisis economy?

These are a few of the questions Jay has been asking and  answering for his clients over the last 30 years, with substantial — and totally quantifiable results — to the tune of $17 billion dollars — and growing geometrically every year.

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Is Jay truly relevant today for your unique
business challenges?

Before we go any further, is Jay’s mindset and methodology relevant to you and your business today. Here are three different icons - - all top respected in their genre. Hear what they had to say about Jay in the last twelve months or less.

Jay has developed and refined a process that examines ALL aspects of your sales, marketing, positioning, revenue generating, competitive activities.. to identify, uncover and multiply ALL of the high-performance leverage and impact points (which you’re probably not even aware of), to create vastly more powerful, profitable, preemptive and preeminent strategic action plans to multiply sales, increase profits, and out think, out sell, and out earn your competition.

Jay believes that most businesses don't understand that…you're paid to think.

The driver of business performance today is a surprisingly simple understanding: You are paid by the world, to think differently, and to solve problems or create opportunities (and create value) in better ways than others. You are paid to think differently than your competitors think - - about everything from business model, to brand position, to distribution channels, to marketing, to superior competitive market strategy.

You are paid as an entrepreneur for looking at situations differently. Jay believes that, no matter what type of business you run — what wins today in business IS NOT the ability to “out-muscle” or “out-resource” the competition.

The difference between the victors and victims...

...the winners and the losers, the mediocre and the magnificent — is their ability to transact business differently (meaning multiplied results for every investment, activity, opportunity, human resource, market access you engage in) from everyone else.

Jay's goal is to get you to permanently and powerfully shift-forever your mindset to thinking differently about your business and life. (See this 10 minute video for more detail)

Once you have experienced Jay's cat-scan-like 3D prism of strategic marketing eyes — laser-focused on YOUR business, and have learned to develop and master your own 360° Strategic Business Vision, i.e. seeing more of your business landscape, maximizing the biggest opportunities, solving the most complex challenges, making the most strategic pivots, and uncovering the most under-utilized hidden assets — you will NEVER look at your situation the same way again.

Participation in this unique experience is either exceedingly expensive or the best investment you’ll ever make - - totally dependant on you and what you do — or don’t do — with the makeover that occurs there. More details on specifics later.

If you can comfortably afford to make a $25,000 investment... and want a non-theoretical, ruthlessly focused business reality check... apply below.

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You can CLICK HERE to download our MONSTER 200+ question assessment. Reviewing it will provide you with a wide and wonderful scope of overlooked opportunities, hidden assets, untapped resources, and underperforming activities in your business - that you can quickly “leverage-up” for multiplied sales and increased profits.

Stephen R. Covey

Jay Abraham is one of the best business and marketing minds I’ve ever known.

Stephen R. Covey Author of legendary and groundbreaking book "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People"
Daymond John

Jay is my mentor – I repeat what he says so that I make myself sound smarter.

Daymond John FUBU Founder
Ramit Sethi

Jay took my business model, totally deconstructed it, and helped me reengineer it from the ground up. This resulted in me doubling my business in one year!

Ramit Sethi New York Times Best-Selling Author
Brian Tracy

Jay is the world’s authority on how you can make your business more profitable.

Brian Tracy Master Sales Trainer
Mark Victor Hansen

Jay gave Jack Canfield and I the idea for ‘Chicken Soup For the Soul.’ Did it work? I’ll let you be the judge.

Mark Victor Hansen Master Motivator

What makes THIS experience so unique and valuable?

  • For $25,000 one time, you're plugging into a $100,000/day mind for 3 days straight.
  • You'll gain massive perspective from all the diverse real-life business successes that Jay has been directly involved with. Taking everything he has ever done, everything he has ever learned, everything he has ever been involved in — distilling it, translating it and then re-applying it directly to YOUR specific scenario and situational problems, challenges, opportunities and activities.
  • You own all the breakthroughs that result and won’t owe Jay a dime in residual performance fees (Typically Jay owns all his ideas and concepts until he’s earned a million dollars in royalties).
  • If later on you decide to retain Jay on a longer-term profit-on-performance basis, you can apply the admission fee as credit towards his normal consulting starter fixed fee structure -- if you feel compelled at the conclusion to want a more deeply ongoing mentoring/masterful thinking partner relationship with Jay, after you go home and his methods start paying off.
  • You come bringing BIG problems/opportunities/challenges and issues that need solving. You leave with huge solutions -- complete with prioritized implementation directions (i.e. What to do first, second, third etc. as soon as you get home).
  • You will network with “high achieving” like-minded, possibility-focused entrepreneurs from around the globe that only Jay’s brand and reputation could draw in. PLUS you’ll be introduced to other participant issues and opportunities that will expand your mindset and your marketing quiver.
  • Listening to insights, solutions, and connection points that are "common as dirt" in one industry can have a profound impact in YOUR industry — and you will exponentially expand your business growth mindset by seeing exactly how Jay orchestrates one company breakthrough approach, after another, after another, after another.
  • At the conclusion, Jay will give you proprietary templates he has created just for participants that allow you to continue doing these kind of self makeovers on your own with the help of advisors he will show you how to recruit.

Socrates said, a life unexamined is a life not worth living. Jay Abraham believes that any business that isn't constantly examined and re-examined from a 360° cat-scan perspective is a business not worth owning.

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Can anyone REALLY deliver on THAT broad, diverse and "big-payoff" promise? Watch Jay at concert pitch (in a multitude of scenarios) and decide for yourself.

Here are two separate 90-minute videos of Jay utilizing his understanding of how businesses of every kind can perform better... One is with Tony Robbins at Tony's Business Mastery event, and one is by himself at another one of Tony's business mastery events.

If you'd like another mind blowing example, listen to Jay deliver a stellar talk on "Leverage Marketing".

Listen to Jay deliver on 90 minutes of unabridged Q&A for a high priced private session held in London this year.

Listen to Joe Polish, co-host of the top-rated I Love Marketing podcast, and founder of The Genius Network speak about Jay's ability to discover hidden pockets of profit...

Here's a few of the organizations
Jay has consulted recently...

It might also comfort and inspire you to see a collection of the private clients Jay has been counseling in the last 12 months...

  • A $60 million oncology medical group that is featured six times in Joan London's new book “Had I Known
  • Masterminding w/the largest numerology organization in its field
  • The #1 personal, producer of real estate in the United States
  • Co-advising the largest experiential foreign language “live-attendance” schools in Latin America
  • The largest home builder in Mexico
  • A specialty emergency services company providing huge/four-ton “temporary boilers” to commercial buildings and hotels in the UK
  • And, mentoring Italy's number one lingerie and underwear brand/manufacturer…
  • Canada's largest brain trauma injury-related rehabilitative specialist


...the largest producer of mastermind groups in the world, the most prestigious conference of hedge fund managers in the world, the jewelry specialist who sold $65 million dollars worth of ancient/historic tiaras to Dubai’s museum (he owns Catherine the Great’s famous necklace), advises the biggest franchise in the UK for converting homes into mini-hostels, counsel an up-and-coming jewelry auction house who now competes with Christie's and Sotheby's, advises the largest re-seller of Infusion Soft in Europe...

Jay also mentors and counsels so many interesting and utterly remarkable "characters":

  • The top apartment sharing portal in the U.K
  • A medical group specializing in 3D printing of soft tissue injuries
  • The largest Indian restaurant in Los Angeles
  • The Chinese energy doctor to Tony Robbins/Werner Erhard — and members of the Wrigley family
  • A most interesting specialty telecommunications firm in Montreal
  • The largest membership management solutions organization in North America...

... Jay also collaborates with, (and gets mentored by,) the executive coach who coaches the head of the number one ranked company on the Russell 1000 and advised the top CEO on the European equivalent of Fortune 500.

Some other incredible situations Jay's involved in include…

…the top pharmaceutical company in China — who deals with migraines and swelling reduction, and separately, one of China's biggest producers of rice, noodles, and flour. Speaking of China, Jay also advises a billion-dollar human resources company (sounds impressive--but basically, they lease factory workers to manufacturers all over China.) Also He's helped strategize on a 100 million oil development project in Fresno. Advised the largest driving school in Tokyo. Counseled The largest specialty bread bakery in Australia. The largest teak plantation grower in the world. A national franchise brand of locksmiths. The top project management solutions company for the energy oil and gas field.

If you multiply that times a lifetime, the knowledge base, the understanding, the experiences that Jay can share, transfer, instil and install in you is unimaginable.

A few of the other companies who's success he had influence on over the years include Guthy-Renker, The founder of Planet Fitness, 12 Inc magazine's "entrepreneurs of the year", Success magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, Investor's Business Daily, The largest conservative book publisher in the world and 9000+ more.

If you need more credentials than that, feel free to ask Rob at Jay's office by applying below:

Qualify Here

What are past participants saying?

"Jay has designed, defined, and refined the process of engineering custom breakthroughs for business challenges of virtually every kind after nearly twenty years of evolving the fast track process for uncovering breakthroughs for business owners all over the world. Now he’s introducing a hybrid version that is like Hot Seats on Steroids!"

Ken Jennings

“In areas of nuances and negotiating, and getting alignment with parties that were in opposition…  Jay was able to offer clarity. He simplified something that we had 15 bright, capable minds working on… [But] we didn’t see what was possible directly in front of us.  Jay broke it down so simply, it was shocking.”


“I came to meet Jay because I was looking for a change. I enjoy real estate [investing] but I wanted to do something different… Jay helped me to see what I was not able to see on my own. He was really in tune, he listened, and he focused in on just what I needed. It was very transformational. I came for that… and Jay delivered.”


What's it like being ON the hotseat?

Hot seat video 1:  Jay advises the proprietor of a martial arts dojo how he might increase his number of experienced students.

Hot seat video 2:  Jay advises a company looking to sell special, sleep-aiding pillows how to expand their sphere of influence.

Hot seat video 3:  Jay tells an entrepreneur how to maximize the Mastermind experience, both from a tactical and emotional standpoint.

Hot seat video 4:  Jay advises a man selling medical equipment for bedsore treatment how to be more preemptive and preeminent in his field.

Hot seat video 5:  Jay gives an insightful advisory talk about how to connect with and understand people making buying decisions in any market.

Hot seat video 6:  Jay explains to an entrepreneur from Japan how to gain the trust, respect, and commitment from a fickle market.

Hot seat video 7:  In a very candid conversation, Jay explains how personal strength and integrity can be cultivated.

Hot seat video 8:  Jay identifies cash windfalls he encountered over the course of his illustrious career.

Hot seat video 9:  Jay talks about the processes that can be used to be more effective and clear in business endeavors.

Hot seat video 10:  Jay identifies the things people leaving the consulting session should do to make sure his advice sticks.

Hot seat video 11:  Jay advises an entrepreneur on ways he can hold onto his employeed despite a modest budget.

Hot seat video 12:  Jay helps guide a burgeoning Japanese company whose proprietary web system needs to reach a broader market. The system is designed to help contractors and architects construct homes more efficiently.

Hot seat video 13:  A young man with a spa/studio seeks Jay’s advice for how to expand the business.

Hot seat video 14:  Jay helps a man who believes he has an effective business, but wants to begin seeking out better business models.

If peer confirmation is a meaningful denominator of someone’s true credibility and ability see what other experts and prominent business icons and press have to say..

Jay Abraham's specialty: turning corporate underperformers into marketing and sales whizzes.

Forbes Magazine

Jay knows how to get maximum results for minimum effort.

Investor's Business Daily

The power of asking the right question. Abraham directs questions the way George Patton directed tanks.

Investors Business Daily

If the measure of the status of a profession is the fee a practitioners can command, then marketing has come of age. Jay Abraham charges... ($5,000) an hour for phone consultations on marketing... (and) specializes in helping entrepreneurial companies grow.

The New York Times

Jay Abraham goes for the jugular when it comes to marketing. He is one of the highest paid consultants in the country.

Los Angeles Business Journal

..possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today... a man who can turn you from a marketing greenhorn into a marketing green beret!

Success Magazine

In a world apart from conventional consultancy, he advises clients on their marketing strategies, getting no closer to them than a telephone connection permits...(and) Abraham earns a fortune.

USA Today

15 years ago, Jay taught me how to turn underutilized, intangible assets into cash over- night. The first year, I made $100,000 from his advice and have continued to do the same practically every year with every business I own. That means I made over $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me. He's one of the best market conceptualists in the country.

Chase Revel, Founder Entrepreneur Magazine

He is one of the highest paid consultants in the country. Clients range from educational service companies to electric shaver manufacturers. Abraham once worked for 18 months on “Icy Hot,” an analgesic balm. He developed a national mail order strategy that resulted in $13 million in sales. The product was a key to a buy-out by G.D. Searle..

Los Angeles Business Journal
Qualify Here

To be or not to be a VICTOR or a VICTIM — THAT IS THE QUESTION.

But perhaps a better question — is TO BE or NOT TO BE invited and accepted to spend two or three days — immersing your business and yourself in a 360 degree cat scan-based, total makeover that improves, impacts and reinvigorates:

  • Your entire business strategy
  • Your business operating model
  • Your marketing and selling approaches and positioning and vehicles
  • Your preeminent market positioning
  • Your ability to operate as the preeminent provider in the category
  • Your ability to make preemptive competitive offers and represent value creation far and away superior to the competition.
  • Your ability to identify and monetize lucrative new revenue streams, distribution sources, products, service, internal or external alliances
  • Your ability to gain perspective from not only the renowned non-linear breakthrough thinkers of the world — but from a collection of provocative minded high-achievers committed to contribution, collaboration and mutual breakthroughs for all involved.

And thus your long term predictable profit, prosperity and business wealth creation.

All with Jay leading and interacting individually with each and every chosen participant in the room.

Ken Blanchard

Has created a generation of global experts. Thousands credit him as their primary mentor as a result of his protégé and consultant training programs.

Ken Blanchard Author of “The One Minute Manager”
Harvey MacKay

Jay is America’s #1 Marketing Wizard!

Harvey MacKay Legendary Entrepreneur & NY Times Best Selling Author
Fran Tarkenton

If there were a Hall of Fame for business and marketing, Jay would be there. He’s the ultimate business coach.

Fran Tarkenton Hall of Fame Quarterback

Now Let’s Discuss Fee And That Return On Investment

Obviously and understandably this is NOT a low priced, high attendance, theoretical, generalized event. Calling it an event is a disservice. It is a "hands-on", (fanatically and ruthlessly) focused, individualized, emergent TOTAL MAKEOVER PROCESS — designed to transform the performance, the positioning, the profitability of your business from the moment you leave and for the rest of your business life.

Becasue the dynamic Jay uses can only work with a maximum of 20. It is a more a labour of love than a big money-making endeavour for Jay

That said, it is not inexpensive. However it should be virtually cost free — IF you have a prejudice towards action. If you embrace and implement all that comes out of this encounter for YOUR company. If you harness (and harvest) ALL you discover — as Jay does the same with the other participating companies there.

Jay recently raised his daily private consulting fee to $100,000 (8 hours). He just returned from Las Vegas where he was called in to assess the top awards company in the major advertising, technical, online field — to find more opportunities, revenues and monetization.

He does not want a $100,000 per participant for this encounter. He does not want even half that. He wants two things before we tell you the very equitable admission fee you are being offered.

1) A highly qualified and appropriate entrepreneur who is coming there with a stable business that’s stuck or a growth business that is not achieving the performance, profitability and market position it deserves.

2)You’ve got to be open minded, not wedded to tradition, able to enthusiastically embrace and apply breakthrough thinking that entails many new ways of looking at your current situation, many approaches that are out of the realm of tradition in your market place.

Please remember Jay has become famous world-wide — for doing this for companies that catapult and propel themselves to explosive sustainable preeminent growth.

JW Gibson went from $20,000 to $13,000,000 in 15 months, Entrepreneur magazine from $800,000 to $7,000,000 in 9 months, Investment Rarities went from $300,000 to $2,000,000,000 in two years.

If that is NOT your goal, then please DO NOT even apply. If you wish to apply, you will be respectfully and comprehensively interviewed by Rob. Upon his assessment that there IS compatibility and the process CAN profoundly benefit, impact, contribute and precipitate breakthrough outcomes. He will invite you to participate in one of the small groups we are organizing.

The fee for participating is $25,000. It’s a one time fee. Not payable in instalments.

*Does not include airfare or hotel accommodations.

The fee DOES include having Jay develop, mastermind, assess new strategy, marketing, positioning, sales approaches, product/service development, new distribution and partnering opportunities — all dependant on where the biggest untapped opportunities, under-utilized assets, under-performing activities lie within your company.

Everything he does will be recored in audio. Any sales/marketing/advertising copy he dictates and master strategy he comes up with, any positioning or branding or step-by-step action, tactical implementation he shares WILL BE preserved forever-digitally for you and your team to transcribe and use and he will receive absolutely no additional compensation for ALL that he creates for you there and ALL the profit and growth that it produces for you and your business for years to come.

Stated differently, Jay’s normal model is being paid a very high base and then a significant ongoing share of the profits his work creates — for as long as his work produces. THIS is the one way (Other than spending $100,000 per day) that you can get Jay’s mind and methods squarely focused — EXCLUSIVELY on your business issues, opportunities, challenges for a meaningful period of time at an unclassifiably transformative business experience — and not owe Jay a penny more for all the breakthroughs, the profit improvements, the new positioning or marketing ideas he generates.

Once you are accepted, you will be extended an invitation to the event. It is a labour of love and deeply stimulating intellectually and conceptually for him plus they allow him the chance to work with very qualitative people who are pliable, direct-able and do not want to be restricted or limited in their growth and prosperity by the superficial rigours of the economy or the competitive world.

Quantifying the worth of a highly improved marketing strategy, or a preemptive risk reversed selling proposition, or the discovery of an entire new segment to sell to, or product/service to bring to your market, or new way of positioning or new way of attracting, converting, up-selling and reselling more people without spending anymore money, time, effort or staff can be incalculably valuable if you have a prejudice towards action.

We can’t tell you what this will be worth to you and your business. WE CAN tell you that if you are someone with a history of execution, action and diligent implementation, the return on your investment for this three day experience should prove orders of magnitude greater than almost any business investment you could make in any other endeavour, asset or capital expenditure.

If we’ve provoked your interest, you can comfortably afford a $25,000 investment in the growth of your business, and you're ready to be accepted. If you’re serious about not playing the same game everyone else in your industry is playing and learning to think differently ie. out-thinking, out-marketing, out-strategizing, out-servicing, out-value creating, out-competing, out-reaching the competition, and want to attend what could be the most cost effective and high yielding, business investment and experience, you'll ever encounter... Apply below

Qualify Here

If you still need more...

Then, to show Jay's more fun loving side (which you'll get to know very well when you work with him at the beach, in person), here is an audio best known as the "Jay Abraham" anthem.  Give it a listen for a quick giggle.

Then if you want some great music to wind down to, after the major accomplishment of perusing this entire page — here is a clever music video montage put together by one of Jay's dear clients.

P.S. If you are stuck in any of the following areas, see if you qualify... Loosing out to the competition, not selling enough, erratic business volume, failing to strategize, costs eating up all your profits, still doing what's not working, being marginalized by the marketplace, mediocre marketing and/or saying "I can do it all myself"

Qualify Here