Announcing A First...

24 x 24 Combination --
Accelerator/Elevator/Activator/Elite Mastermind/
Problem-solving Clinic/Opportunity-mining Round Table

jayDear Friend,

I've engineered an enormous number of breakthrough programs and products over my professional lifetime. I do it whenever/wherever I see a genuine void that needs filling. I can list 60 business examples. But -- rather than take the time to establish my veracity -- I prefer using it to establish YOUR business superiority.

If, you've already demonstrated, through past actions and activities, or would like a chance to demonstrate that you clearly "get" me, my methods, mindset and work -- I want to reward YOU (above everyone else on my list who hasn’t or isn’t planning on taking action.)

But -- regrettably, I can only reward up to 24 people -- total. Just a mere two dozen of you. I'll tell you why in a minute. But first I should tell you the "what."

You’ll Experience 3-Days of Penetrating Analysis, Powerful Recommendations and Surprisingly Detailed Implementation Instructions For YOUR Business

I've devised a blockbuster way to create a dizzying combination: mastermind, private consult, problem-solving clinic, opportunity-mining "elite" group process -- on steroids! I'm calling it "24 x 24" because, its design allows for only 24 people to spend three, eight-hour days with me, in a “specially formulated” -- highly creative environment -- to work deeply, specifically and multitudinously on their/your businesses' biggest sales, marketing, competitive positioning, profit-boosting issues and opportunities.

Why name it "24 x 24?" Do the math:  24 high-performing entrepreneurs mind-melding with me (and each other) for a total of 24 sinewy, fast-paced, non-theoretical, no nonsense, laser-focused hours -- 100% devoted to creating powerhouse outcomes, out-sized breakthrough strategies, and clear-cut execution/application plans to follow.

I don't think anyone has ever done anything remotely like this before -- it's a proprietary process I've developed and perfected over many hard-won experimental endeavors...

I’ll Thoroughly Examine Your Business in Advance and Engineer Potent Solutions BEFORE We Meet In-Person

Number One: You complete a specially-formulated problem/challenge/issue/opportunity assessment -- far ahead of attending. I'll painstakingly invest mammoth personal time/attention well ahead of the event, in... analyzing, understanding, correlating and deeply interpreting all your answers --- and both their positive and problematic implications.

That way I know YOU and your business intimately, and fully grasp the essence of what you see as your strengths, weaknesses, advantages, disadvantages, marketing /revenue-driving challenges, problems or untapped opportunities -- before I ever step into this specially-designed "WAR ROOM" -- so I won't waste a minute of your time (or mine) on anything tangential.

Our goal -- from minute one, when you enter our Command and Control Process Center -- is to get YOU and YOUR BUSINESS as many high performing, absolutely stunning and tectonic breakthroughs -- that you can instantly implement, apply, execute on - - and see meaningful (preferably monumental) results from -- starting the first week you return home.

So How Else Will I Create, Stimulate, and Then Deliver On the Multiple Breakthrough Process You’ll Be Getting? Read On…

Number Two:  After reviewing your answers and issues and opportunities (well ahead of the event) -- I will select and provide you with a scenario-specific collection of resources, materials, products or programs that deal "smack-dab," head on with the scope of issues most mission-critical to your businesses' sales growth, profit improvement and competitive positioning mastery. Remember, I've created something like 50,000 pages of specialized instruction, conducted well over 50,000 hours of specialized live group training programs and privately counseled (in stimulating either singular, or hot seat, formats) thousands of diverse clients -- spanning a wild 7,000+ different industries and sub-industries (see a partial list here):

Next... Number Three:  I will pre-organize everyone's issues into two categories:

  • Category Number One: The most universal, related and similar.
  • Category Number Two: The most unique.

Why these two categorizations? I can maximize the productivity, effectiveness and scope and breadth of positive issues that I can power through for each and every participant in those three days and 24 rich and rewarding hours of high-level "problem-solving," "opportunity strategizing" -- and action-step implementation formulation.

Once I know what issues directly or indirectly affect many or all of you -- we can knock them ALL off -- right at the beginning in a blitzkrieg first three or four hours. Plus, because I'll see deeply into each business -- before we meet -- I can masterfully lead this process at a pace and level and (most importantly) payoff that few others could deliver to you.

A brash, almost arrogant-sounding statement, I know -- but one I'd like to prove is true right now. Watch this two-hour, heretofore private (and confidential) video of me at Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery conference in Florida.

You'll see hundreds of people standing up for over an hour -- in two lines down the aisles, just to ask me a two-minute tightly-posed, "important" question -- and receive a three-minute, equally as clear-cut, powerhouse answer.

The “Rapid-Outcome” Process I’ve Designed for This Event Will Make Your Head Spin with Delight!

But there's more proof coming in a minute. First, let me continue with the totally immersive, and totally interactive “rapid-outcome” process you'll be experiencing there.

Number Four:  After I've knocked out ALL the universal issues most of you have either been struggling with or stuck on for far too long -- we then roll-up our sleeves and deal "head on" with a more individualized effort, more long term or threatening (or promising) specific and unique issues you've helped identify for me -- far enough in advance, that I won't merely come up with "in-the-moment" strategies. I've had the substantial "thinking time" to carefully, deeply and expansively think through your unique problems or opportunities -- so my answers, recommendations, advice and strategies will be unimaginably well-reasoned, well founded, well-illustrated -- and ultra-powerful.

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My Unique Reasons for Hosting This Gathering Make YOU the Big Beneficiary Here

I need to make an important point about the proposition I'm about to extend you. Partially, I'm doing this to genuinely establish the lasting desirability, exclusivity, value incomparability (and unique reason) I am willing to do THIS as modestly (for me) as I can.

So here it goes...

First, I'll be providing and performing the very same level of preparedness and immersive time investment I provide our million-dollar fee paying clients -- because I require THIS encounter together to be unclassifiably successful.

Second, I already do $25,000 per person, 90-minute, on stage, hot seat, marketing makeovers and strategy restructurings all over the world. Annually, we do one in Shanghai that sells out with another 350 people paying $5,000 each just to watch and gain ideas, insights and "associative pay offs" from being exposed to so much high level, breakthrough thinking that explodes continuously -- like red hot lava shooting out of an erupting volcano.

Third, this is the first ever "beta version" -- of a power process I've already used in multiple private applications -- but never offered to an outside group before. It's designed to be a $25,000 per person, regular event that I'll start doing every month in Los Angeles -- only for worthy and decent-sized businesses -- who have long term capability of becoming a million-dollar future client.

Your Business Will Finally Get the “Reality Check” it Needs to Climb Further, Faster and Higher

But THIS time I'm offering ONLY 24 people the ability to experience it for HALF PRICE -- because I need to experiment and perfect the final process. Also, since I've been talking so much about "the process" it's probably time you grasped the magnitude and powerful force of the delivery dynamic I'll be putting you each through for those 24 cumulative hours we'll spend together.

It’s a "process" that will deliver more breakthroughs to you in 24 hours than you've probably experienced in the last decade.

Okay, here's the process -- We utilize what I'm calling Round Robin Rotational Exponential Momentum. In short, we go round and round and round the room, one cycle after another. We start by me giving each participant in the first round rapid fire, clear-cut strategies for those unique issues that they-alone are facing. This, of course, is AFTER we've knocked out all the universal issues you all share.

Round Two, Three and Four will be based on fresh answers you give yourself to turn into questions (you did not pose or see that are now important to you in that first document you answered and pre-submitted.)

You'll be issued a "REALITY CHECKING," specially-created "discovery document" a week before you attend -- to stimulate a multitude of additional marketing, revenue, sales, competition, competitive, lead generating or conversion, 3-ways to grow a business, preeminence questions -- you didn't identify in the first document.

So now we rotate through the group and you each pose one "new" question, after another, that's fresh and different from the universal and unique pre-submitted questions or issues or challenges you hit me with in advance.

We're far from done here.

Next rounds are revolving around the group and having each participant share the biggest universal solution or strategy he/she has gotten so far, how they respectfully are going to apply, implement it and what THEIR biggest, unique breakthroughs (two each) were -- first from my rat-tat-tat/machine-gun barrage of strategic recommendations to their issues -- and then, what profound epiphanies they got from my answers for others.

Sincerely and immodestly -- you can't fathom the monumental TORRENT of breakthroughs, highly specific action-ready thinking ideas, advice and opportunities your sponge-like mind will soak up in this unprecedented process.

Need a little help imagining? Okay. Well, if watching me do it at Tony Robbins’ event, totally in-the-moment -- with zero advance knowledge, intelligence, prep or idea of what I'd be dealing with -- doesn't convince you, how about watching excerpts from a one-day experimental, light-and-easy version I did of this process a few years ago?  It, too, was round table-based; so you'll get a good picture of one of the processes you'll be experiencing -- but YOUR experience for those 24 hours will not be like watching someone riding in a Model T -- we're going to travel around the race track for those 24 hours together in a Ferrari, floored in 6th gear!

But watch these excerpts from a round table "real life" segment to at least grasp the process. 

By the way -- once you sign up -- but before you attend -- I'll provide you with access to a special product in which I've put nearly 200 hot seats, mini-hot seats, Q&A sessions and lightening round segments I've done. The ideas presented in the special product alone should be dizzying and a bit brain-shattering -- again, well before you get there.

I need that -- so I can elevate, escalate and vastly expand your receptors and possibility paradigm -- in order for you to take-in the over-abundance of undiluted/private-client-grade ideas, advice and strategies I'll non-stop deliver there.

Need even more proof? Well, we created an audacious landing page to market the $25,000 per person hot seat process I talked about earlier. But it serves equally as well to explain the kinds of intentions and contributions and outcomes I'm after for you and your business.  So visit this link to get the flavor of all that’s possible when you spend 24-hours with me and 23 other high-profile peers.

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I’ll Stretch Your “Possibility Paradigm” in Ways That Are Presently Unimaginable to You…and You Need That!

Now the proposition. It's pretty simple. This is intended to be a $25,000 per person, high-level experience. But I ALWAYS allow a beta test group of seriously-committed, highly-disciplined "BETA GUINEA PIGS" to be richly rewarded for participating in my experimental trial run.

So I'm only requiring $12,500 -- that's half the price I'll start charging, once I've perfected and course-corrected any assumptions about the process that will come out in this inaugural test-flight.

I MUST over deliver an out-sized result for you on my premier, sneak-preview performance -- because for the $12,500 discount that I'll be giving up -- I'll ask in return two things from you:

Number One:  You give the process and program a lavish (but true) testimonial -- on video, before you leave -- but ONLY if it's well deserved by me.

Two:  You agree (in writing) when you are accepted -- to follow through, implement and execute on as many of the powerful ideas and strategies as practical -- in the first three months after attending.

That means that -- if you aren't someone who's a fanatic at execution, has a massive prejudice towards taking action and is driven by a higher performance -- you probably shouldn't apply.

Also -- since I both clearly explained this all in writing here -- plus provided not one or two but three separate real life video examples of what, why and how it'll all come together and work -- if you need to ask many questions -- other than “Where do I send the check?” -- again, you should wait for the $25,000 version. At that time, my staff will be more patient.  For now, you'll talk to one person. He is NOT going to hard-sell you on this, or me.

You need to sell yourself on you and your business not being limited, restricted, constrained or stuck by things you can masterfully overcome -- with the help of someone who's been there and done that for tens of thousands of others.

Here's the date: July 8-10 - it's in Los Angeles. If YOU possess the indicators and the profile of someone who will grasp and gain the most from this beta experiment, then you should apply.

But I suggest you don't think too long about saying yes -- or declining the proposition. I can only accommodate 24 persons MAX – no exceptions.

Therefore, if you have serious and mission-critical problems, unsolved issues, untapped opportunities -- worth multiples upon multiples of the modest $12,500 HALF-PRICED fee I'm charging -- the math should tell you what to do -- not my copy.

If you feel you are right for this opportunity and vice versa, you need to submit the brief Application for Acceptance found on this page. Rob Colasanti, our Director of Admissions, will get back in touch with you ASAP to determine if mutual suitability exists.

If you're serious about participating, better make it easy for Rob to get ahold of you.

We have a corporate rule -- we don't play phone tag for more than three attempts. It's so we don't attract uncommitted entrepreneurs who won't appreciate what we're trying to do for them and their businesses.

Also, I must reserve the right to decline anyone I don't think is appropriate for the first experimental version.

Send your application to Rob if interested.




PS: As a special BONUS for applying, Rob will give you the 31-page transcript of a recent deep dive interview that a talented and inquisitive copywriter did with me. The outcome was something like 47 minutes of stunning discussions, disclosure, and discourse on my view of the business world. Everything you read will teach you something valuable and actionable -- and none of it contains any sales rhetoric, whatsoever. It’ll be my gift to you for speaking with Rob…whether you are accepted in or not.

PPS: Also, I will work with this group GRATIS for three months following the event, doing a 60-90 minute follow-up session per month, to help ensure accurate implementation of the customized counsel each participant receives.

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